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PRICE Links Video Series

PRICE Links Video SeriesThe PRICE Links Video Series gives you access to the minds of the industry’s top analysts that follow the markets you trade each day. Know directly what is happening in today’s complex investment world and their projections of what may happen tomorrow! Hosted by PRICE's Phil Flynn – Recorded Weekly on the floor of the CME. » View PRICE Links


Articles / Research

CTA Selection2014 Futures Trading Calendar in PDF

Highlights important dates throughout the year including First Notice Days, Last Trading Days, Exchange Holidays, and Report Dates.

CTA SelectionArticle - CTA Selection

Design a managed futures portfolio that will accomplish and address three areas of analysis: Quantitative, Qualitative and Operational.

Natural Gas is a gas!Article - Natural Gas is a gas!

Natural gas has been surging and may have created a significant bottom that may hold up for a decade or more.

Commodities MarketsArticle - Unlocking Opportunities in Commodities

Opportunities are always to be found in the commodity markets due to changes in weather, supply imbalances, trade disputes, and other forces.

Chasing ReturnsArticle - Chasing Returns

Social correlation measures the predictability of futue returns based on the recent past. How do we predict future returns?

Seasonal Commodity TradesArticle - Seasonal Commodity Trades

A successful trader should consider many factors in making a trade. One major consideration is the seasonal effect in some of the specific commodity markets.

What is a Managed Account?Article - What is a Managed Account?

Over the years, institutional investors such as pension funds, endowments, trusts, and the big banks, have ALL increased their portfolio allocations to Managed Futures.

Planned TradesArticle / Worksheet - How to Plan Your Next Trade

Start managing your trades from start to finish with a process that is guided by a variety of trading rules that are designed to exploit a positive outcome.

Single Stock FuturesArticle - The Basics of Trading Single Stock Futures

Learn the essentials of speculating and hedging with single stock futures, what type of contracts are available, and other particulars.

Options TradingeBook - Options Trading - The Fundamentals

Master the fundamentals of the most basic options positions to the more exciting and advanced options strategies.

Managed Futures Todaye-Zine - Managed Futures Today

Download this digital magazine to explore the benefits of incorporating managed futures in an investment portfolio.

Futures TrendsCRB eBook - What Lies Beneath ALL Trends

Few learn the simplicity of how prices move in a market. CRB helps traders understand how watching certain movements can help catch potentially profitable trends.

Futures & OptionsUsing Futures & Options as a Portfolio Addition

Learn how individuals as well as institutions can take advantage of futures and options to hedge risk.

Interest Rate InvestmentsInterest Rate Investment Options

Today’s futures markets offer a vast array of investment choices whether your belief is that rates will rise or fall.

Gold and SilverThe Advantages of Options on Gold and Silver Futures

Explore the current, unprecedented gold and silver market opportunities using options as your tool.

Market TimingCRB eBook - How to Spot Profitable Timing Signals

Get your copy today and see how patience and discipline can help your trading results.

Chart PatternsCRB - Long Range Charts for 49 Markets!

With CRB's long range charts you will see at a glance how long-term trends can create trading opportunities.

Trading BubblesAre you Ready for the Next Bubble?

Using real examples, this article examines potential trading strategies for futures trading during bubbles.

Grain CrisisThe Great Grain Robbery

Richard Ebel discusses the Russian grain shortage and its effects on grain supply & prices.

Managed Futures2 Essential Guides - Getting to Know Managed Futures

Receive this 8-page introduction to Investing in Managed Futures and the CME Group's Guide.

Trading CommunitiesOrganized Trading Communities

Learn how a good trading chat room can help recreate the experience of community that once existed on the floor.


Webinar Videos

The Seasonality and Come Back of the Farmer and Feeder CattleThe Seasonality and Come Back of the Farmer and Feeder Cattle

Jim Sauter, Veteran Floor traders explains the seasonality of Feeders! How to trade them! What other markets are involved! How to average them up or down?

Trading Government Bond Futures and OptionsTrading Government Bond Futures and Options

In this special webinar learn about the how to take advantage of volatility in the financial markets using futures and options on government debt.

Presidents New Secret WeaponWhat is Driving the Cattle Market

Please join Tim Hughes and Phil Flynn, as they share their perspective on the beef cattle industry today, how it has evolved and where the opportunities are for traders, feeders and cow/calf operators.

Precious MetalsThe End Of The Year Future Outlook

Futures had a rough start to the year but are making an incredible comeback! Can it Last until the End Of The Year?

The Evolution of Trading Oil VolatilityThe Evolution of Trading Oil Volatility

Know the markets, When To trade Options, What Made the Difference, and Use the lack of volatility to pick the Major Bottom.

Precious MetalsWhen Green Gold can be a good thing

With the major sell off in Gold, new opportunities for both long and shorts are popping up everyday. This is a cant miss chance to see two of the industries top experts discuss the future of this precious metal.

Presidents New Secret WeaponEnergies - The President's New Secret Weapon

Be the first to know what this new 4-year outlook will mean for gas & heating oil prices and what it will mean for your bottom line!

Precious MetalsTrade Precious Metals

Learn how to better trade the precious metals markets using futures & options in combination as well as spreads and more.

Energy Market FundamentalsThe New Era of Energy Markets

Navigate the new world of energy and oil trading. Know the markets, experience their history, and take a look forward.

Multiple Time FramesMaximize Profitability with Multiple Timeframes

Ron Mark, 18+ year professional, explains his practice of using multiple time frames in his everyday trading decisions.

Grain & Dairy RiskManaging Grain & Dairy Risk

Gain familiarity of the key fundamentals necessary to understanding the unique features of these markets and how to avoid common pit falls.

Futures ChartsUsing Charts to Improve Your Trading

The various presenters cover a wide array of charts that traders can look at - from bar charts to volatility charts. 

Futures LeverageUsing & Understanding Leverage

Learn how to determine the appropriate amount of leverage that is available to both the day & position trader.

Volatility TradingTrading Currency Volatility

Mark Sebastian COO of Option walks traders through different types of volatility that can exist.

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PRICE Links Video Series PRICE Links Video Series

Access the minds of the industry's top analysts that follow the markets you trade each day – straight from the floor of the CME Group,

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